Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your Service Level Agreement?
  2. Which package is right for me?
  3. Are your prices VAT inclusive?
  4. Does my monthly transfer bandwidth roll over and what do I pay for more?
  5. What is my IP address?
  6. Can I run Windows on my
  7. Where is your web management interface?

Q. What is your Service Level Agreement?

We target 100% up time. In the event of hardware failure, affected virtual machines will be restarted in an alternative failure domain. The platform (power, network, storage and cluster mangement) is built with no single point of failure. Our redundancy is always at least N+1, meaning that no single hardware failure can bring our system down. However, because individual virtual machines may fail, either due to hardware failure or due to a software issue within the virtual machine itself, customers wishing to achieve zero down time for their application should distribute it over multiple instances within independent failure domains.

That said, occasionally the unexpected happens and we fall short of our target. You can view all our historic incident reports to get a feel for how infrequently we experience issues so that you can gauge how seriously we take achieving maximal up time.

Q. Which package is right for me?

If you don’t know what you need, we recommend the Mercury package as an entry level machine, because Pluto is not really a planet after all. Seriously though, while the Pluto package is ideal for testing or staging environments, it has very high I/O contention and too little RAM to be of much practical use in most production environments. Obviously, if your workload has more substantial hardware or bandwidth requirements then you’ll know it and one of the larger packages is right for you.

Q. Are your prices VAT inclusive?

It Is Internet (Pty) Ltd, the company trading as, is not VAT registered and so does not levy VAT. Eventually we will register as a VAT vendor at which time our current pricing will become inclusive of VAT.

Q. Does my monthly transfer bandwidth roll over?

No, the inclusive monthly bandwidth does not roll over month to month. Essentially you get your monthly bandwidth allocation included for free – use it or lose it. We hope that we supply sufficient cheap bandwidth that this is simply isn't a problem.

Q. What is my IP address?

We allocate a fixed routed public IP address for each (ie. one usable static IP address). The network interface can be configured via DHCP in order to facilitate template based disk images, but nothing prevents you from configuring the address we allocate as a static IP address if you prefer. We will also be offering IPv6 addressing in the near future (watch this space). If you require multiple machines that need to communicate with each other, then we can allocate a virtual LAN bound to all their secondary interfaces where you have your own private IP namespace (we recommend using RFC 1918 and RFC 4193 private address ranges).

Q. Can I run Windows on my

Yes. We are registered as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and are able to offer SPLA licensing for hosted Microsoft products. The Microsoft taxes take the form of a monthly license fee in addition to the cost of your

Q. Where is your web management interface?

Currently, we don’t have one and frankly we’re not even sure if we need it. We provide a robust SSH based interface for managing your that provides the following functionality:

        • Remote serial console (for Linux guests only)
        • Restoration of automated backup snapshots
        • Power control and remote reboot
        • Virtual CDROM management
        • Traffic monitoring

We also expose a SPICE interface over TLS that provides a full graphical virtual console (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) from your desktop.

We may get to a pretty web interface eventually, if we hear demand for one, but the current interface had significantly shorter time to market requirements and is very simple to use (Linux users seem to even prefer it).